Fika Studio is a boutique branding design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. 

We design to bring ideas to life in the most simplistic and beautiful way. By creating a successful brand based on context and research, we design to add value to your brand. 




I’ve always wanted to bring things to life with an unsatisfied curiosity for all things creative. Converting things into something special, whether that was thread and fabric into a cross stitch or an idea in my brain into a digital piece for print in the real world. 

My formal studies are in Media and Communications majoring in Interactive and Visual Design from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), in Brisbane. 

The longer I worked as a graphic designer, the more frustrated I became in the process of bringing a clients dream to life: often being pushed towards creating exactly what the client asked for and not adding my own designs or ideas to help give a project the extra life it needed to really live in the real world. Using large industry specific words and telling clients that ideas couldn’t work: squishing big world dreams into the small box that is a design brief. 

Fika Studio was created with the idea that working with a designer should be like catching up over coffee and brunch. You’ll never receive an email filled with terminology you don’t understand or hit send on an email filled with questions with fear.