You might have thought about your brand,  but when starting new branding it's really important to try and sit and think about your brand objectively.

What do you love and hate in brands and who do you think you REALLY compete against?

Things like this really help to shape your branding and assist us in making you the best branding possible. 

We will take your answers, put our own spin on how we think your brand could stand out and then we'll move into mood-boards and designs: THE FUN STUFF!

Name *
Describe your business in 1 short and sweet paragraph. What’s your elevator story? 
What aesthetic are you looking for? Is your brand minimalist or are you more a DIY vibe?
Are you High End, Low end or mid market? (what price bracket are you appealing to)? Who do you think your primary audience is?
What brands do you like and dislike? Why? NOTE: these don't even need to be competitors to you!
Who do you think will be your closest competitors? What makes you different and unique? Why would someone buy with YOU over them?