Studio News: A new feel


When The Print & Paper Co started out, it was primarily meant to be an online space for sharing travels and design loves. It was never really a name that set well with the content but was a name that was adored all the same. 

Gradually it transformed into a freelance design business and in July of 2016, it became a full time occupation. As the first year ended, it became clear that the business had transitioned and the old name had been outgrown. 

After pages of names and some consultancy with a name consultant, Fika Studio was born. 

Fika is a Swedish word that translates as 'taking a break for coffee and a bite to eat'. If you've met up with "The Print & Paper Co" it's probably been over a coffee, potentially with some brunch. It's the time of day that we are most passionately full of ideas and when anything is possible - including eggs Benedict and a cold brew. 

The blog will continue to be updated with some cafe culture features of our favourite coffee + food spots, studio sounds so you can listen to what we do, travel tips and more. Simple things that make us happy and help us function whilst we work doing what we do best. This business has never been about being a "job" - lifestyle is important to us and the brands we choose to work with, so the blog + our social media will continue to be a healthy mixture of what we do and what we enjoy. 

We hope you'll love Fika Studio as much as we do, we're excited to watch it grow. 

- Karlie 

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