5 in Tokyo


Japan is that location for us where we finally felt like we "belonged". The slowness within the hustle and bustle gave us an opportunity to recharge our batteries and also find some much needed inspiration in straight lines and neon signs. 

These are five of our favourites when being one of the 9.27 million in Tokyo. 

1. About Life Coffee Brewers

Order your favourite brew (we'll take ours black and over ice) and sit on the cute bench to the side for your obligatory "about life" photo. This place is about a 10-15 min walk from central Shibuya (and there's not a lot of things on the walk there) but the trendy staff and cool laneway is worth the little journey. 

2. Camden's Blue Star Donuts

Head straight to grab a donut in Daikanyama and then have a sit and look at the buildings and beautiful greenery. Situated on this log road mall above the streets, the view is delightful, the donuts are delicious and you might even be able to see some vintage designer wares in one of the few shops (just don't take any photos in the stores!)

3. Daikanyama T site

Multiple buildings filled with books and trendy homewares. T Site also has a variety of camera stores, pet stores and cafe's situated behind it and you can easily spend half a day browsing the multiple levels and areas. The building is beautiful and you'll feel a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of central Tokyo.  

4. Shibuya Loft

Need envelopes? Shibuya Loft. A tent? Shibuya Loft. Ceramics shaped like dogs? Shibuya Loft. You'll make your way through the multiple levels of this store and be in awe of the things that have been invented that you don't yet have in your life. You'll have a shopping basket filled with sausage dog post it notes and hand blown sake cups: but don't worry, they take card. 

5. Kappabashi Street

Better get online and upgrade that luggage, because you're coming home with a full dinner set of hand made japanese ceramics! Worth a double visit, this street is filled with knives and homewares stores and around halfway along is the ceramic store of your dreams. The japanese plates which often cost $30 in Australia can be purchased here for a fraction of the cost ($6 for a full size dinner plate). We walked away with a set of 4 hand painted bowls, some small trinket bowls + a clay rice cooker for just over $20. Just don't plan anything after heading here, you'll need to go back to drop everything off at the hotel: ceramics are heavy. 

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